Chesapeake Energy

I’m getting more and more calls and emails on account of people hitting the search engines and finding my website. Many of those people are searching for an oil and gas attorney because somebody sent them an oil and gas lease to sign. The past year or so, odds are the lease came from Chesapeake Energy or, more likely, one of its landmen.¬† They seem to have a lot of landmen; sometimes more than one working the same area. Until recently, the leases I got from people were pretty much all the same. The past couple months, though, I’ve seen considerable variety, although they’ve been somewhat consistent in certain key provisions.

With all the Chesapeake leases coming across my desk, I found the recent article about Chesapeake’s Aubrey McClendon on John McFarland’s Oil and Gas Lawyer Blog¬†interesting. People in the oil and gas industry might want to take a look at it. People considering a lease to Chesapeake might also be interested.