Gotta Love Technology

I get the Slashdot “News for Nerds – Stuff that Matters” Newsletter for exposure to the geek/nerd universe and what they’re talking about. This enables me to pretend I’m pretty much up to speed with the cutting edge of technology. Also, geeks love to pull the wool over the eyes of technophobes and Luddites, and I enjoy being able to keep a straight face and cast a knowing glance when contemporaries are taken in by a geek. Today, though, I was stumped. The newsletter contained a report about Wireless Electric Cords (WEC’s). A couple of things might be clues that it’s a put-on, but there aren’t enough clues for me to decide if this is for real or for suckers. Unfortunately, I have a whole lot of stuff to do today other than search for the answer. So, I consulted the ultimate purveyor of cutting edge technological gadgetry, Brookstone, and they don’t sell wireless extension cords, which pretty much proves there’s no such thing. I also consulted the ultimate source of electrical knowledge, and my son Stephen confirms it’s a joke, pointing out that clicking on the “add to cart” button resolves the question. Pretty good joke, though, especially with Slashdot promoting it.

Speaking of technology, this is pretty good: Strongbad on Technology.