I’d Like to Post an Article Please

I’d like to post an article, but I’m getting a message says “no can do”. Well, words to that effect. Yet, I can post on the Chappell Family Blog. Same WordPress, same computer.

Okay, strange. This time it accepted the article. Man, the real article I tried to post here before, four or five paragraphs, I got that message and, worse, the article was totally lost.

Probably the difference is this time I copied and saved the text to notepad before I hit the “publish” button. Since fate seems to be toying with me today, I’m now being allowed to actually post to the blog, since it won’t matter if it wont’ let me on account of I have a “backup” of the article so it won’t be lost. But, now I have this useless article instead of the really cogent one I had before. It was about Google and SEO and the big lawyer directory companies (Lexis-Nexis and West). But, that’ll have to wait. I’ve used up my alloted blog time and have to get back to actual lawyering.

C’est la guerre! :shrug: